Series 43 Parapet-Direct

Model overview

Series 43 Parapet-Direct

for the installation "directly" in the roof edge upstand

LORO-X Parapet-direct drainage systems with bonding flange for the direct installation in the parapet upstand of the roof can be either installed with downpipe and rain standpipe or as spout without downpipe.

In both cases it will be a safe and silent outside drainage of your building. 


In order to be able to use the roof area optimally the drains of Series 43 Parapet-Direct are installed “directly” in the parapet upstand. This is an advantage especially for small and used roof areas such as terraces or accessible roof areas.

Combined with a suitable gravel strainer, the drains guarantee an optimal adjustment to possible gravel layers and paving slabs. Thus, neither dirt nor stones can get into the drainage. 


When building residential houses or offices a small sound development of the drainage takes center stage.

The drains of Series 43 have been constructed in such a way that ensures that they also reach a high discharge in the case of a quiet gravity flow. The spacious ventilation openings guarantee the function of the gravity flow and prevent the development of negative pressure.

Outside pipes are often preferred in order to be able to optimally use the interior of the building and to avoid any noise production.

Patented Construction Form

LORO’s patented double acceleration of the water with help of the “lowered pipe” and the patented double-pipe-principle with small penetration depth enable a discharge of up to 4.5 l/s with a secure silent gravity flow and a water height of only 35 mm. This works either as spout or as complete system and always conform to the standard.

Bonding flange

Due to the naturally rough surface of galvanized steel, galvanized bonding flanges are optimal for the connection of sealing sheets or liquid plastic.

The sealing is able to better hold on to a rough surface in comparison to a smooth surface. This feature of the galvanized surface facilitates the work of the roofer and increases the tightness of the connection.

- roof drainage according to the norm: discharge rate up to 4.5 l/s at a water height of 35 mm
- silent gravity flow is optimal for residential houses
- upstand with bonding flange for an easy installation in the parapet upstand
- installation as spout or with downpipe
- space-saving due to direct installation in the parapet upstand
- ideal for small and medium size areas

Application example Series 43