LORO-X Sustainability

Long-lasting and sustainable for a secure usage for decades

In the German quality seal for sustainable building (DGNB), the federal ministry for traffic, construction and urban development evaluates the whole life cycle of buildings against the background of energy efficiency, conservation of resources and health.

Operating costs and a possible dismantling are already taken into account during the planning phase. This becomes especially apparent in the usage of sustainable materials. Additionally, ecological, economic, cultural and technical aspects are considered in the evaluation.

In accordance with the orientation of the DGNB, LORO-X roof drainage systems made of galvanized steel and stainless steel contribute to the conservation of resources due to their longevity and reusability. Furthermore, our products do not have any impact that is dangerous to health. The only maintenance effort results from the cleaning cycle that is required by the DIN standard.

Original LORO-X steel discharge pipes with the two-chamber push-fit socket principle, that has proven the test for millions of times, enable a fast and cost-saving installation. Due to the variety of fittings, a drainage solution matching the features of the building can be found for almost every building construction. That way, architectural and technical requirements can be met.

With our LORO-X composite pipe noise pollution as well as condensation water in living areas is prevented in order to guarantee a maximum of acoustical ease and thermic comfort.

On our website www.loro.de you can find our Interseroh-certificate as well as our quality-certificate in addition to diverse other approvals and certificates.


“DGNB does not certify building products because this would entail making an a priori judgment about the quality of construction materials without taking into account how they are used in the building. The DGNB view is that pre - judgments in favour of certain construction products constraint he creative freedom and professional expertise prized by clients’ and their design teams’ alike, thus ultimately standing in the way of innovative building solutions.

Despite what is often said, there are no “DGNB certified” or “DGNB compliant” building products. Advertising products as “DGNB compliant” tries to create a false link to the DGNB. The DGNB does not approve any adverts of this type because they miss the point of its key principle: evaluating the performance of the building as a whole.“

Quelle, 2019: https://www.dgnb-navigator.de/Navigation/navHomeNinthAbout?language=en

Long-lasting and Sustainable

Every exchange of components within the life cycle of buildings increases the consumption of resources and energy. In the case of an ordinary use as rain drainage, galvanized steel discharge pipes will proverbially last “a lifetime".

Sustainable cycle
In the case of an early deconstruction of the building, correctly installed steel discharge pipes can be removed without damage and used again for other projects.

Steel and zinc are natural metals that can be processed to completely new products after melting (recycling). In comparison to plastic, they do not lose any of their quality or functionality during this process (downcycling).