Series 62 LORO-X DRAINJET Parapet without penetration into the roof

Series 62: LORO-X DRAINJET Parapet drainage without penetration into the roof

LORO-X DRAINJET parapet drainage systems without penetration into the roof with siphonic flow are optimized for space-saving application without penetration into the thermal insulation or the concrete ceiling of the roof in accordance with pending and registered patents and utility models.

Although no recess in the roof structure or the thermal insulation is necessary, the patented system shape enables high discharge rates of up to 16 l/s thanks to the suction effect of the siphonic flow.

The principle of the outside parapet drainage is optimally implemented with this system as main drainage and also as emergency drainage, without the rainwater being able to enter the building only a millimeter.

Depending on the requirements, the system can be planned with a DN 50 downpipe to save space (also behind the facade) or with a particularly high discharge rate (DN 70 - DN 100).

Due to the fact that the system does not require any roof penetration, it is also ideal for renovating existing buildings with thin thermal insulation, or for buildings with the so-called inverted-roof-principle, where the drain can rest directly on the roof structure without having to pry open the concrete ceiling.

Depending on the roof sealing sheet, the connection is realized with a bonding flange (bitumen) or with a clamping flange (45° bitumen, 90° plastic).

- no penetration into the thermal insulation or concrete ceiling of the roof
- up to 16 l/s at 55 mm as main drainage with siphonic flow
- up to 14,5 l/s at 75 mm as emergency drainage with siphonic flow
- standard-compliant connection to the roof membrane and vapor barrier
- no penetration of the roof membrane
- small pipe cross-section for the installation on and behind the facade 
- complete system with reliable proof of performance regarding system shape and system power

Application example Series 62