LORO-X Filling and ventilation pipes

LORO-X filling and ventilation lines for heating oil tanks

LORO−X filling and ventilation lines, DN 40 and DN 50, for buried tanks, basement-welded tanks und plastic battery tanks, made of steel, hot-dip galvanised, with the proven LORO−X inserted sleeve connection. No welding, just inserting. LORO−X filling line, DN 50, with locking sleeve, number 806 X, made completely of steel. Solutions are also in our range of products for sheathing provided by the customer or the factory for underground installation in conformity with the relevant DIN regulations. LORO−X filling and ventilation lines are part of the tank with many tank manufacturers; matching connecting pieces are available for other tank manufacturers.

LORO-X filling and ventilation lines for pellet storage rooms

Wood pellets for pellet heating are supplied with tank wagons and blown directly into the storage room. That calls for filling and ventilation lines with a coupling and sealing cap led through the exterior wall of the house. Longer lines should be used if the pellet storage room is not directly on an exterior wall.

LORO−X pipes are ideal for this application, hot-dip galvanised, without interior coating with the inserted sleeve connection that has proven its worth in a million applications: 

• sturdy
• non-flammable
• pressure-resistant with LORO−X