Powder Coating

The LORO-X steel discharge pipes and LORO-X red. plug-in rain downpipes with factory-applied inside coating are generally suitable for a subsequent outside powder coating, varnish or painting in order to adapt them to the optics of the building.

An optical coating is prone to impacts. Thus, parts of the coating can flake off during transport. That is why LORO does not apply colored powder coatings at the factory. We recommend having the coating applied by a specialist on-site. Coatings do not have a negative impact on the durability of the galvanizing. 

For subsequent processing of galvanized pipes, the galvanizing process has to be completed. This is usually the case ca. 8-10 days after the galvanizing. If the powder coating takes place before the chemical galvanizing process is completed, there might be adhesion difficulties of the zinc at the pipe. This can lead to a flaking off of the zinc.


Due to our experience gained from exchange with customers, we would like to highlight the following points:

- Irregularities in the surface of galvanized steel are unavoidable. These irregularities might be more prominent after a colored coating has been applied. That is why we recommend requesting some sample coatings beforehand at the respective coating company. 

- Before starting the coating process, the surface of the pipes and fittings should be smoothed, e. g. by removing „zinc noses“. Specialist companies usually perform this pretreatment standardly. However, for safety reasons one should mention the issue before. 

- Steel discharge pipes have an additional inside coating which can cause outgassing in the case of a coating temperature of 180-200 degree. Upon request, we also deliver steel discharge pipes without respective inside coating.

- As alternative to the powder coating, a subsequent wet coating could also be considered. A subsequent coating ensures that the pipe clips and sealing elements do not show a color difference.