LORO-X balcony drainage series IK with dome and clamping collar

Series IK includes direct drains "with dome" and clamping collar for installation in core drillings and is particularly suitable for renovation projects.

Dome and clamping collar

The bell-like design of the underside of Series I and IK for setting in concrete is called the bell. The dome consists of an inner tube (carrying the media) and an outer tube that forms an annular gap. An annular gap is created between the two, into which the socket of the downpipe can be pushed from below. A separate bell jar can therefore be dispensed with.

Areas of application

Balconies made of precast concrete parts made of waterproof concrete, without additional covering.

Application examples series IK

You will find further application examples with a detailed description in our LORO-X balcony drainage brochure LORO-X balcony drainage systems.


LORO-X Balcony direct drains with dome and clamping collar, Series IK
Plate thicknessDN 50DN 70
120 mm16310.050X16310.070X
140 mm16311.050X16311.070X
160 mm16312.050X16312.070X
180 mm
200 mm16314.050X16314.070X


Strainer, made of stainless steel
DN 50DN 70
with pipe opening16193.050X16193.070X
for upper balconies16191.050X16191.070X
LORO-X holding fixture for strainer with strainer holes
DN 50DN 70
LORO-X Strainer support, for balcony drains series I, IK, G, GF and GS
The LORO-X sieve holder for balcony drains of the series I, IK, G, GF and GS iis a high-quality alternative to the standard plastic sieve holders. End sieves for individual drains as well as ring sieves for direct drains can be used in the sieve holder.
The surrounding collar as a decorative sheet enhances the balcony drainage on the second, visible, drainage level .
DN 70DN 100
made of stainless steel 16190.070X16190.100X
LORO-Balcony drain collar
DN 050DN 070
with feed-through opening suitable for pipe, material, stainless steel 1.4301, 1 mm thick16800.050X16800.070X
with feed-through opening suitable for socket 2nd stage, material, stainless steel 1.4301, 1 mm thick
outer pipe 250 mm long