LORO-X Car park drainage

The particularity of draining car parks is that the full amount of rainhas to be drained from the top level. While the lower, drivable levels are not exposed to direct rain, they still have to be completely drained e. g. due to the sidewise entering rain as well as the water that is carried into the car park by cars and for cleaning measures. Special solutions and proven installation details provided by LORO offer an initial orientation.

Furthermore, wastewater and ventilation pipes often have to be installed under ceilings, on walls, on pillars or on the outside facade. Besides functional requirements also security aspects such as the protection against mechanical influences (DIN 1986) come into focus.

Of course, the pipe routing shall also satisfy esthetic requirements. Especially for functional buildings where steel and concrete are used as main material LORO offers reliable solutions.

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The roof

In order to shield the users of the car park from rain on the way to or from the car, the drivable top level is often completely or partly roofed.

The drainage and especially the pipe routing are always optimized to fit the circumstances of the building. The planning of the drainage system and the selection of suitable drains proceeds in the same way as for a normal roof in lightweight construction because massive concrete roofs are rarely used.

Depending on the given situation, one large area can be drained for example with the effective siphonic flow whereas several small part areas can be drained via the gravity flow with bigger nominal diameters.

Due to the fact that the roof is also completely impingedin the case of the so-called century rain, an emergency drainage with runoff into the open has to be planned for the security of the car park visitors. For this purpose, pipe systems are preferable in comparison to simple spouts because an overflowing roof area has a negative impact on the lower levels when using spouts.

The drivable levels

Another particularity of car parks is the design of the drivable levels. For drivable areas LORO ceiling drains, one or two-piece versions, with walkable or drivable grate – grate class L (1.5 t) or grate class M (12.5t) – are especially suitable.

Often e. g. a steel construction with waterproof concrete slabs is used. These slabs are provided with special coatings that are suitable for regular traffic.

Ideally, a suitable drain is already selected early on in the planning phase so that the drain can already be set into the concrete slab at the concrete plant.

Drivable drains

If a positioning of the drain in a drivable area is necessary, the LORO-X Series VERSAL with drivable strainer unit is used.

Alternatively, the drivable strainer unit with DN 100 connector can also be directly encased in concrete without the drain body but with the formwork dome. 

The LORO-X steel discharge pipe can be directly connected to the drivable strainer unit.

Walkable drains

The basic structure of concrete slabs with plastic/liquid coating is similar to the one of balconies and moreover, only relatively small amounts of water have to be drained from the car park. That is why LORO-X balcony drains – e. g. Series I and Series GF – for waterproof concrete or for concrete with liquid plastic have proven to be suitable solutions.

Usually, these drains are used in non-drivable areas that should be walkable, however.

Special solutions

Individual car park structures often require special connections and pipe routings. Thus, LORO provides an extensive range of drains, pipes and fittings which allows the realization of almost any special construction.

If the combination of standard components is not sufficient, often small changes on the construction lead to an exact fit. Additional security measures such as screw connections at the drain strainers against theft are also possible.

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LORO-X Composite pipe

In urban areas, the rain drainage is often transported from the roof through warm and used rooms to the cold underground car park below and then into the ground pipe. Thereby, the cold of the underground car park should ideally not be transported to the upper rooms.

In combination with the pursuing composite pipe, the thermally insulated LOROFLEX flat roof penetration offers a solution that is thermally insulated, optically attractive and resistant to mechanical stress.

Especially when the underground parking or the car park above ground is used by many different parties or customers, LORO-X steel discharge pipes and LORO-X composite pipes provide an additional, sustainable protection against vandalism or accidental damage.


LORO-X Steel discharge pipe

Due to the fact that the drainage in car parks is usually visible and the majority also within reach of the car park users, there are special requirements regarding appearance and security. Solid, galvanized LORO-X steel discharge pipes provide a long-term security against vandalism and impacts from the environment.

As the pipes are also especially shockproof and dimensionally stable, an installation in the parking area of cars is possible without an additional ram protection.

Decisive for a faultless usage over decades is also the permanently appealing, galvanized appearance that is not affected by the weather or UV-radiation.

LORO-X steel discharge pipes can be optimally connected to our drains or combined with existing gutters at the outside in order to guarantee a safe drainage of the water across all levels. 



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