for LORO-X main emergency combi parapet drainage

It is an parapet drainage with direct installation of the attic drain
in the parapet edge with main and emergency drainage of an attic roof

In addition to the well-known parapet drainage with this task, the one this
new drain has a pipe that comes along with low-slung piping installed in
the pool flat below the roof drainage level.

This drain only slightly reduces the thermal insulation under the drain a high
level of thermal protection, e.g. in energir houses and roof terraces under
them is used to

- Insertion weir component for pipe-in-pipe

DN 100/DN 50
for pipe in pipe13481.100X
LORO-X Branch - pipe-in-pipe -
for main-emergency-combination pipe-in-pipe parapet-direct drain

DN 100/ DN 50
made of galvanized steel13519.DB0X