LORO-X VARIOFIT retention unit and emergency unit

For main drainage with retention and emergency drainage with height-variable weir, LORO offers compatible VARIOFIT flow aids that are calculated and manufactured on a project-specific basis.

The height of the congestion element of the emergency drainage is adapted to the retention water level of the main drainage system with retention depending on the building.

The listed flow aids fit onto the base bodies of the specified series of flat roof drainage.

LORO-X VARIOFIT retention unit main drain

fits onto LORO-X flat roof -
drain body
Series 84 DRAINLET®, DN 50 and 7014510.070X
Series 84 DRAINLET®, DN 10014510.100X
Series 84 DRAINLET®, DN 12514510.125X

LORO-X VARIOFIT emergency unit with height-adjustable weir

fits onto LORO-X flat roof - drain bodySeries 84 DRAINLET®, DN 50 and 7014710.070X
Series 84 DRAINLET®, DN 10014710.100X
Series 84 DRAINLET®, DN 12514710.125X