LORO-X rain Standpipes made of steel

LORO-X rain standpipes made of steel offer optimal protection against vandalism and damage from people, objects and vehicles of all kinds. In areas with regular pedestrian traffic, standpipes with a height of 2 m are suitable.

With the appropriate transition pieces, LORO-X rain standpipes can be connected to all common underground pipes. In connection with an outlet bend, drainage can also take place outdoors if there is no connection to the underground pipe or if there is an emergency drainage.

Here you will find connectors for the base line (SML / KA).

Application examples standpipe

LORO-X Standpipes with cleaning opening

According to DIN EN 12056-3 7.5, cleaning openings are to be provided at the end of downpipes and when changing direction. Alternatively, you can find short LORO-X cleaning pipes here.


LORO-X Standpipes with a cleaning opening and cleaning over with safety overflow

LORO-X rain standpipes with cleaning opening and safety overflow offer basic protection, e.g. in the event of backflow from the underground pipe.

You can find the LORO-X high-performance safety overflow (HSÜ) here.

LORO-X Standpipes round, with a cleaning opening and a cleaning cover with safety overflow,
made of steel, hot dip galvanized
l (mm)DN 70DN 80DN 100DN 125



LORO-X rain standpipe without cleaning opening

LORO-X rain standpipes without a cleaning opening can also be combined with a LORO-X drainage bend to the outside, if no underground pipe connection is provided.

Alternatively, LORO offers standpipes with an attached outlet bends (downspout).

LORO-X Standpipes without cleaning opening
l (mm)DN 70DN 80DN 100DN 125DN 150


LORO-X renovation rain standpipe

LORO-X renovation standpipes are widened at the lower outlet end for direct connection to SML pipes (110mm or 125mm) so that they can be mounted directly on appropriately separated pipes with a CV / CE connector.

The procedure for redevelopment is described in the Brochures.

LORO-X Standpipes with cleaning opening and transition to 110 mm (DN 100)
l (mm)DN 100
LORO-X Standpipes with cleaning opening and transition to 125 mm (DN125)
l (mm)DN 125

CV connector for renovation standpipes

CV connector09070.100X