Pipe count

This program counts the amount of straight pipes, if the needed length is given in Millimeters and the pipe diameter is given in DN. 3000mm, 2000mm, 1500mm, 1000mm 750mm, 500mm and 250mm are counted. Each pipe creates a sealing element and a pipe clip automatically to transfer in the Online-Specification.

Length in mm: Nennweite in DN:
Pipes up to 2m
Pipes up to 3m
Pipes up to 6m

1 x 01001.100X (3000mm Rohr)
1 x 01201.100X (1000mm Rohr)
1 x 01401.100X (250mm Rohr)
3 x 00911.100X (Dichtelemente)
4 x 00974.100X (Rohrschellen)

In Online-Specification

The last pipe has to be cut -50 mm to match the exact length of 4200 mm.

The all in all length is calculated with the length of all pipes pushed completely into the socket (see illustration).