LORO-X Flat roof drainage

for internal flat roof drainage


Flat roofs are often drained with so-called internal roof drainage systems. Roof drainage is referred to as internal if a pipe system is laid inside the building on a roof drain with a vertical connection. For this purpose, a tapping hole is usually made through which the roof drain is connected to the pipe system. 

LORO-X roof drainage systems are characterized by their space-saving dimensions and high drainage capacity with a small pipe diameter.

LORO offers the optimal roof drainage system for every roof structure. Each roof drainage system can be configured as a one-piece variant (for cold roofs) or as a two-part variant (for roofs with thermal insulation). In addition, you can choose the system with additional thermal insulation at the drain or in areas with a high risk of frost with trace heating. Simply use the Online-Configurator, to find your optimal system.


Series overview

Series O

with connecting sleeve


− integrated with prefabricated connecting sleeve
− silent gravity flow
− no loose flange on the drainage level
− good combination with hot bitumen
− flexible utilisation as roof penetration, ventilation etc.

Series 84 DRAINLET

with clamping flange for gravity flow


− silent gravity flow
− high gravity flow performance
− small recess in the thermal insulation without pot
− as main and emergency drainage
− one-piece or two-piece (roof with/without thermal insulation)
− with or without trace heating system 

Series 49 DRAINJET

with clamping flange for siphonic flow


− high discharge rate of up to 100 l/s
− for main and emergency drainage
− smaller diameters
− fewer downpipes