Series 49 DRAINJET with siphonic flow


Siphonic flow

Large roof areas can be drained economically and safely using powerful systems with siphonic flow.

LORO-X siphonic drainage systems with siphonic flow are operated with smaller pipe diameters yet at the same time with a higher drainage capacity due to the higher flow speed. The high flow speed in the pipe also increases the self-cleaning effect.

LORO-X siphonic drainage systems are particularly space-saving compared to conventional drainage systems if several drains are connected to a collecting pipe "under the ceiling" to which only one downpipe is connected. The interior of the building can thus be optimally used.

The largest model in this series drains up to 100 liters per second. That corresponds to approx. 3000 m2 with only 1 drain!

Main drainage and emergency drainage

Also the emergency drainage can be calculated as well as realised as inside LORO-X siphonic drainage system on the basis of the so-called century rain intensity with drainage "into the open".

The emergency drainage may not be connected to the collector pipe of the main drainage, but has to be transported out of the building via a second pipe system. Alternatively, parapet drainage systems with siphonic flow, such as the LORO-X ATTIKASTAR, are often used for the emergency drainage.

LORO-X Calculating service for hydraulic balancing

Siphonic flow systems require an object-related hydraulic proof which means that the dimensioning of the pipes and fittings is calculated with help of a special software on the basis of the pipe arrangement.

LORO offers the complete service from one single source - including planning, calculation and delivery to the construction site. Do not hesitate to contact us!


• high discharge rate
• installation of the collecting pipe without incline
• small pipe diameters
• fewer downpipes
• less earthworks necessary

• easy installation
• clamping flange for bituminous and plastic sealing sheets
• increased corrosion protection
• UV-resistant
• small recesses, light weight
• LORO-X DRAINJET® emergency drains are installed on the same level as main drainage systems