LORO-X Series V: The variable balcony drainage system made of stainless steel

with only one basic body and modular attachments for every balcony structure in new buildings and renovations


Various balcony structures and the use of new materials such as the use of liquid plastics or plastic / cement combinations require balcony drainage systems that are tailored to the application.

Thanks to decades of experience in the field of balcony drainage, LORO has developed balcony drains specially tailored to each application, which, in conjunction with downpipes made of steel drainage pipes, form balcony drainage systems from a single source.

The latest developments in this area are LORO-X balcony drainage, Series V, a variable system based on the modular principle that covers all possible uses.

Made of durable stainless steel, LORO-X Series V balcony drainage systems are insensitive to heat, frost and UV radiation outdoors.

The basis of the new program is just a basic body, which can be poured into the shell balcony slab with formwork mushroom and formwork bell, regardless of the progress of planning or changes to the balcony structure. This can be done on site or, as with prefabricated balconies, on the factory side.

The system is completed by plastic sieve holders and stainless steel sieves in round or square design.

Stainless steel sieves with a pipe lead-through enable use as a direct drain.

In summary, LORO-X balcony drainage series V is a durable and variable balcony drainage system that leaves nothing to be desired in terms of versatility and processing.


• Series V-OF without flange: For balcony slabs made of waterproof (WU) concrete without additional covering
Series V-FL with adhesive flange: For balcony slabs with sealing using liquid plastics
Serie V-AK with bevelled adhesive flange: For liquid plastic in the area of rising components
Serie V-KL with clamping flange: For balcony sealing with bitumen roofing sheets or foils


- Installation of base body and add-on elements at any time
- modular attachment elements for all balcony structures
- Attachments can be changed during renovation
- made of high quality stainless steel

Two part execution

for heat-insulated balconies, with upended adhesive flange for installation in wall or corner areas