LORO-X Series 43 model DUOFLUX double pipe DN100 without weir

For residential buildings, LORO offers a silent system with main and emergency drainage as silent gravity flow. The main drainage also transports the water with a discharge rate of 4.5 l/s into the ground pipe. The emergency drainage, however, runs as spout solution directly over the overflow weir of the collecting tank.


Application example Series 43 with double pipe DN 100

LORO-X Main-emergency-combination double-pipe parapet-direct drain

- with basin and lowered pipe -

DN 100/DN100
for bituminous roofing sheets DN 100/10001324.100X
LORO-X Drain collector box for main-emergency-combination double-pipe parapet-direct drain

DN 100
with height-adjustable weir, made of galvanized steel, DN 10000445.100X
LORO-X Sliding flange for double pipe for bending on site

DN 70DN 100
LORO-X Ventilation pipe for main-emergency-combination double-pipe parapet-direct drain

DN 100/DN 50
made of galvanized steel, with additional inside coating, DN 10013218.100X