Programm Outline

LORO product outline

New from LORO 2021:

- LORO-X DUOSTREAM-Direct cascade drainage
- LORO-X Series V balcony drainage two piece
- LORO-X root/balcony combination
- LORO-X VARIO KANT double pipe spout
- LORO-X rain standpipe with integrated outlet bend
- LORO-X rain standpipe with high-performance safety overflow
- LORO-X DUOSTREAM high-performance cascade drainage 

LORO Planning brochure

From the building to the LORO-X roof drainage system

Ready for tendering, ready for fitting, with design tables and LX data sheets for architects, designers and planning installers

LORO-X roof drainage system

- LORO-DRAINJET® siphonic drainage
- LORO-RAINSTAR® scupper drainage
- LORO-DRAINLET® roof drainage system
- LORO-RAINSTAR® suppers
- LORO-X scupper direct (Series 43)
- LORO-roof drainage systems

LORO-X balcony drainage systems

- Series A and B: single drains with a supporting edge
- Serie BE:balconies with sealing sheets
- Series E und F:Balkonabläufe mit Anschlußmanschette
- Serie FF:balconies with sealing with liquid platics
- Serie G:direct drains with a supporting edge
- Serie GF:drains with a supporting edge
- Serie H:direct drains with aconnecting sleeve
- Serie HF:balconies with seals with liquid plastics
- Serie I:direct drains with abell
- Serie J:direkt balcony drains with supporting edge
- Serie K:balcony drains with clamping flange
- scupper-balcony drains 

LORO-X steel discharge pipes with LORO-X push fit socket

- pipes
- branches
- bends / angle bends
- trap
- cleaning pipes
- rainwater riser pipes
- accessories as Pipe clips, sealing elements, lubricant, set screws
- ...

LORO-X rainwater stand pipes and rainwater pipes

- rainwater stand pipes, steel
- rainwater stand pipes, stainless steel
- rainwater stand pipes, copper

- rainwater pipes, steel
- rainwater pipes, stainless steel
- rainwater pipes, copper

LORO-X composite pipes DN 40 - DN 150

- LORO-X composite pipes
- LORO-X composite pipes Silent

LORO-X filling and ventilating pipes for fuel oil tanks DN 40 - DN 50

- pipes and fittings
- special fittings for filling pipes
- special fittings for ventilating pipes

LORO XCL stainless steel pipes with LORO-X push fit socket

- pipes
- branches
- bends
- cleaning pipes
- accessories as Pipe clips, sealing elements, lubricant, set screws
- ...

LORO-X steel discharge DN 40 -DN 200 for shipbuilding and offshore engineering

- deck and bulkhead penetrations
- pipes
- branches
- bends / angle bends
- traps
- cleaning pipes
- accessories as Pipe clips, sealing elements, lubricant, set screws
- ...

LORO-XP Pressure pipes PN 12, DN 50 - DN 125 Pressure pipe for shipbuilding and structural engineering

- Remarkably lighter than conventional systems
- Fast and easy installation due to push-fit socket system
- No welding joints or compression fittings
- No prefabrication
- Testing pressure for pressure pipe clamp: 48 bars (696 psi)
- Tested and certified according to IACS 2.11
- Changes or customizing of the system possible at any time
- ONE system for new construction, remodelling and repair