LORO-X Test Fields and Proof of Performance

For measured proof of performance, standard and building-related

Every LORO-X discharge curve is measured at one of the LORO-X test fields at the LOROWERK. All measurements take place under realistic conditions and at the scale of 1:1.

The discharge curve constitutes the measured characteristic curve of a roof drainage system. The respective discharge rate from the roof can be read off for every water height.

Part of the test fields is for example the 100 l/s discharge tower where parapet and roof drainage systems with more than 100 l/s can be measured. Moreover, there are test fields for standard and building-related system forms.

New products and building-related solutions can be measured promptly. Hence, the optimal system pieces for the complete system can be determined and compiled in a LX-specification sheet together with the measured discharge curve.

The LX-specification sheet consists of the measured LORO-X discharge curve (system power) and CAD-drawings with a piece list (system shape). It offers the standard proof of performance for roof or balcony drainage systems and provides the basis for the planning of the roof drainage.