LORO-X Balcony drains series G with supporting edge for balcony without sealing sheets

Direct balcony drains with supporting edge, made of Steel -Series G DN 50 - DN100

Area of application:

Balconies without sealing sheets with cast asphalt, prefabricated screed or tiling in a mortar bed

Consisting of:
spout unit DN 50, DN 70 and DN 100 with descending pipe 250 mm or 3,000 mm long, strainer made of stainless steel

Application examples Series G

Balconies without sealing membranes with mastic asphalt, prefabricated screed or tile covering in the mortar bed. You will find further application examples with a detailed description in our brochure LORO-X balcony drainage systems.


LORO-X Direct Balcony drains with supporting edge - Series G
DN 50DN 70DN 100
Length of downpipe 3000 mm16131.050X16131.070X16131.100X
Length of downpipe 250 mm 16111.050X16111.070X16111.100X



Strainer, made of stainless steel
Art.-Nr.DN 50DN 70DN 100
with pipe opening16193.050X16193.070X16193.100X
for upper balconies16191.050X16191.070X16191.100X
LORO-X holding fixture for strainer with strainer holes
Art.-Nr.DN 50DN 70DN 100
LORO-X Strainer support, for balcony drains series I, IK, G, GF and GS
The LORO-X sieve holder for balcony drains of the series I, IK, G, GF and GS iis a high-quality alternative to the standard plastic sieve holders. End sieves for individual drains as well as ring sieves for direct drains can be used in the sieve holder.
The surrounding collar as a decorative sheet enhances the balcony drainage on the second, visible, drainage level .
DN 70DN 100
made of stainless steel 16190.070X16190.100X
LORO-Balcony drain collar made of stainless steel, matertial-no 1.4301, material thickness 1 mm
DN 050DN 070DN 100
compatible to pipes16800.050X16800.070X16802.100X
compatible to sockets16801.050X16801.070X16803.100X
Heating tape cable for LORO drains
Length heating tape 1100 mm19853.000X
Attachments Series G
DN 050DN 070DN 100
for height adjustment
from 30 mm - 60 mm