Brief description of the production series


LORO-X flat roof drainage systems

LORO-X flat roof drainage systems feature space-saving dimensions and high-performance drainage with smaller pipe diameters. LORO offers the optimum roof drainage system for every roof structure. Choose from one-piece variant (for cold roofs) or two-piece variant (for roof with thermal insulation).


- Shock resistant, backflow safe, pressure resistant
- Complete system single sourced from LORO
- Several drains possible on one downpipe
- Minimal expansion in heat and cold

LORO-X balcony drainage systems

A balcony is a "used and walkable roof surface" and is drained according to the standards applicable for flat roofs. In balcony drainage the area to be drained is far smaller than on the roof so that usually lower drainage capacities are sufficient. Balcony drainage systems normally drain with gravity flow in the nominal width DN70.


- Protects facades from running water
- Safety due to controlled drainage

LORO-X steel discharge pipes and fittings

The key material and installation benefits and the reliability of the LORO-X inserted sleeve connection manufactured 100 million times are the reasons why builder-owners, planners and contractors use LORO-X steel drainage pipes for draining residential buildings, hotels, schools, municipal buildings, bridges, industrial buildings and ship projects.

LORO-X rain standpipes

They can really take it: LORO-X rain standpipes. A sturdy, fracture-proof and attractive steel rain standpipe is highly recommended with residential houses, industrial structures and all buildings where exterior downpipes are planned. This effectively prevents damage to the downpipe from vandalism, car accidents with parking or other damage. They are also very suitable for refurbishing broken cast standpipes or crushed sheet metal downpipes.

LORO-X composite pipes

The LORO composite pipe is a double-wall, heat- and/or noise-insulated sewage pipe with interior LORO-X inserted sleeve connections to prevent condensate formation in buildings. A special PU thermal insulation layer is placed between the interior and exterior pipe. In the silent design with an added noise protection foil.

LORO-XCL stainless steel discharge pipes

Chromium-nickel steels have excellent resistance against a number of chemical substances and are used in the natural materials business, grease/soap industry, the beverage industry, large-scale kitchens and various other areas. LORO-XCL stainless steel discharge pipes in conformity with DIN EN 1124-1 and DIN EN 1124-3 material number 1.4301 (AISI 304) and 1.4404 (AISI 316L).

LORO-X filling and ventilation lines

LORO−X filling and ventilation lines have been used for filling and ventilating heating oil tanks for more than 30 years. In this time, the LORO−X pipe system has shown the benefits of its materials and installation including the reliability of the millions of inserted sleeve connections.


LORO−X steel discharge pipes have proven their worth for more than 30 years in national and international ship-building. All large-scale classification societies have licensed LORO−X steel drainage pipes and add-on parts for gravity and vacuum drainage systems.