Weathering of Freshly Galvanized Steel Discharge Pipes

The usage of LORO-X steel discharge pipes is ideal for visible areas. Characterized by their galvanized optics, the pipes can be harmonically integrated into the aesthetics of the building. During the first months the natural weathering process takes place.

The pure zinc layer shines brighter directly after the hot-dip galvanizing process. This layer will be covered or weathered by a protective grey zinc oxide layer after completion of the galvanizing flower. That way the surface is made insensitive towards weather influences and the uniform, permanent and popular appearance of the LORO-X steel discharge pipes develops.


Weathering describes the long-term effects of weather on a building. Determining factors are, among others, sunlight, wind, rain and snow. Additionally, building-related environmental factors such as a changing humidity and condensation at the component surface influence the process.


During the weathering process that takes place at the surface the appearance of the system parts assimilates over time. Quality, durability and corrosion protection remain the same.

Naturally, the weathering process proceeds faster outside of buildings since the building components are directly exposed to the weather. Often the process is already completed after a few weeks or months. A greater temperature difference between day and night with increased humidity also quickens the weathering process. Pipes that are installed inside of buildings are protected from weather and humidity so that the weathering process takes place more slowly.

Uniform Weathering

Optically a mixture of freshly galvanized and already weathered pipes can be noticed during the installation. This is, for instance, especially noticeable when freshly galvanized pipes and already weathered pipes are installed in one stream in a directly successive manner or next to each other.

In order to receive an optically uniform steel discharge pipe system from the beginning on, the following factors have a positive impact:

- Uniform delivery either from the manufacturer or the warehouse of the distributor
- Uniform storage of the pipes and fittings in the warehouse or on site
- Pay attention to the leaflet “Storage and Transportation” (PDF)