Green roof

Earth, gravel and plants

The roof area of many flat roofs is already used as green roof. The drainage challenge here consists in keeping the drains clear of earth as well as gravel and guaranteeing the inflow of water.

For this purpose, LORO supplies special attachments for flat roof drains and parapet drains:

1. Inspection shaft for flat roof drains

The especially developed inspection shaft ensures the inflow of water from the earth layer with help of its longish openings at the sides. Via the removable cover the access to the flat roof drain for maintenance and cleaning is guaranteed.

2. Strainer unit for RAINSTAR parapet drains with gravity flow

The strainer unit with its special hole pattern for the LORO-X RAINSTAR parapet drains constitutes a space-saving option for drains directly in the parapet. The strainer unit is installed in place of the LORO-X hood on the flange of the drain.

Attention: The strainer unit cannot be used for siphonic flow!