LORO-X Specification sheet


Install complete systems: selecting, advertise, installing! With secure specification sheet


A LX Specification sheet contains all of the selection of a roof drainage system important features. Based on the roof construction and the required drainage capacity, the selection of the suitable complete system in a few minutes (for example, via online configurator)


The basis for the planning and tendering the feature bar, the BOM and CAD system drawings in LX Specification sheets.Die article-based tender can be on this basis in a few minutes to create (for example, via LORO-X online tender).


During installation of the complete system, the data-sheet provides additional security for all trades. Although processes and pipes are installed by different companies, the presentation of the complete system promotes coordination between all partners in the construction.

Safe Grading

A data-sheet is created in LORO by measuring the complete system on one of the LORO-X test fields. By measuring under realistic conditions, the drainage capacity of the system is clearly established and documented in the rating curve. This unique and standardized Grading provides security against the insurance company and the client. Online is any LX Specification sheet as PDF document for printing or Email available.

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