LORO-X Retention rotary slide

LORO-X Retention rotary, with calculation programme based on measurements

When it comes to retention roof drainage there is a growing need to control the retention drainage by adjusting the retention openings at the retention pipe. For this purpose, the new retention rotary slide has been developed. 

Most importantly, the connection between the retention discharge and the retention water height can be securely realized by adjusting the rotary slide.

The five rectangular drainage openings have the same size and are positioned next to each other. They enable that every opening, independent from the other openings, has the same connection of retention discharge and retention water height. This ensures that with every additional opening exactly a multiple of the discharge is realized and that an undesirable interaction between the discharge capacities and the waterheights is excluded.

The retention water height in the table depending on the number of opened retention openings (at the top of the table) and the retention discharge (on the left side of the table).


LORO-X Retention rotary slide
DN 100