RAIN downpipe and standpipe, square

for modern facade architecture

LORO-X rain standpipes and downpipes, square, made of steel, hot-dip galvanized, fit in optically appealing in facades with a square or rectangular pattern.

With suitable fittings for the transition from round to square pipe, square downpipes can be connected to all parapet drains with gravity flow.

Square downpipes made of zinc sheet usually also fit into the square socket, however, with some manufacturers, the dimensional accuracy of the radii of the square pipe must be ensured.

The round outlet pipe at the bottom of the square standpipe corresponds to the standard LORO-X dimensions, so that all connection pieces of the respective nominal width can be used.

Further information can be found in the brochure Rain standpipe and downpipes (PDF).

with cleaning opening

LORO-X Standpipes, qudratic, with cleaning opening, made of steel, hot dip galvanized
l (mm)DN 70DN 80DN 100

without cleaning opening

LORO-X Standpipes, quadratic, without cleaning opening, made of steel, hot dip galvanized
l (mm)DN 70DN 80DN 100

Downpipes quadratic, made of steel

LORO-X square pipes as rainwater downpipes have a push-in socket connection without a sealing element. Therefore, these are not backwater-proof and not to be laid horizontally.


Branches quadratic/round

LORO-X branches square / round are suitable for the lateral introduction of round LORO-X pipes e.g. from balconies into a square LORO-X downpipe.


Bends square/round
DN 70DN 100
87 Grad55694.CC0X55694.DD0X
45 Grad55695.CC0X55695.DD0X
Bends square/square
DN 80
87 Grad55690.MM0X
45 Grad55691.MM0X
Bends in Segment Construction
l (mm)DN 70DN 80DN 100
87 Grad55697.070X55697.080X55697.100X
45 Grad55698.070X55698.080X55698.100X

Transition pipes

LORO-X transition pipes square / round create the transition from round pipes to square and vice versa from square to round pipes.


Transition pipes
DN 70DN 80DN 100
From round to square55686.070X55686.080X55686.10X
square square to round55688.070X55688.080X55688.100X
LORO-X pipe clips with knocking pin, quadratic, galvanized
DN 70DN 80DN 100
knocking pin 100 mm, galvanized00993.070X00993.080X00993.100X
knocking pin 150 mm, galvanized00992.080X00992.100X

Pipe clips, for set screws or threaded rods

LORO-X pipe clamps with a square connection thread can be used with the usual LORO-X hanger bolts and threaded rods.


LORO-X Pipe clips, quadratic, for set screws or threaded rod galvanized
DN 70DN 80DN 100