LORO-X Shipbuilding and Offshore technology

Pipe systems for gravity and vacuum drainage

LORO-X steel drainage pipes, made from precision steel pipes, hot-dip galvanized with an additional inner coating, have proven themselves for more than 50 year.

The convincing advantages of material and installation and the reliability of the LORO-X socket connection are also the reason for its steadily growing use in shipbuilding over the past 45 years.

LORO-X Pressure pipe clips

As part of the LORO-X steel drainage pipe and LORO-XCL stainless steel drainage pipe program, LOROWERK has developed a light, flexible, pressure-resistant, safe system with particularly low dimensional tolerances under the name LORO-X pressure pipe clip for the area of pressurized pipes .

Areas of application

LORO-X steel drainage pipes are approved as gray / black water systems and for scuppers above bulkhead decks or below in watertight compartments and engine rooms without an outboard connection.

The use of LORO-XCL stainless steel pipes is recommended in areas with aggressive, chemically contaminated waste water such as kitchens, laundries, etc.


- light weight
- high strength
- non-flammable
- high temperature resistance
- quick and easy assembly
- tight by plugging: no screwing, gluing, soldering or welding
- insensitive to vibrations
- international approvals

Special parts for shipbuilding