LORO-DRAINLET® DL pipe penetrations, DN 70 - DN 125
DN 70DN 100DN 125
a) without thermal insulation21908.070X21908.100X21908.125X
b) with thermal insulation21909.070X21909.100X21909.125X
Bottom unit Series 84 DN 70 - DN 125
DN 70DN 100DN 125
a) without thermal insulation21991.070X21991.100X21991.125X
b) with thermal insulation21992.070X21992.100X21992.125X

LORO-X Sliding flanges for vapor barrier height-adjustable bendable

LORO-X VARIOKANT Sliding flanges for bending on site are suitable for a vapor diffusion-tight pipe penetration through the vapor barrier, especially for the drain pipes of the LORO-X parapet drains for the main and emergency drainage.

The bonding flange made of stainless steel can be bended with customary tools so that the height of the pipe penetration can be variably and continuously adapted to the circumstances of the building.


LORO-X Sliding flange for double pipe for bending on site

DN 40DN 50DN 70DN 100

LORO-X Sliding flange for bending on site

LORO-X Sliding flange for LORO-X double pipe parapet direct drains

DN 70DN 100
LORO-DRAINLET® Fastening flange made of galvanized steel
DN 70DN 100DN 125

LORO-Balcony drain collar

LORO-Balcony drain collar,made of stainless steel, material-no. 1.4301, material thickness 1 mm
DN 050DN 070DN 100
compatible pipes16800.050X16800.070X16802.100X
compatible to sockets16801.050X16801.070X16803.100X
compatible pipes16804.050X16806.070X16810.100X
compatible to sockets16805.050X16807.070X16811.100X

LORO-Put off casing cover

LORO-X Put off casing cover
DN 50DN 70DN 100