LORO-X box gutter drainage

Smaller nominal size, higher performance

LORO-X DRAINJET-Mini drains are suitable as main drainage and emergency drainage with gravity flow or pressure flow in DN50 for metal, curtain-type box gutters with a width of 150mm or more.

But even with curtain-type box channels, the backflow-proof and pressure-resistant DN50 pipe system offers the often decisive flexibility in drainage. Depending on the local conditions, the pipe system can either be routed vertically or with a delay or down behind the facade.

The stainless steel drain with the practical clamping flange enables sealing in the box gutter without soldering or welding. LORO recommends installation in industrially manufactured or construction-made metal channels from a width of 150 or 300 mm.

LORO-X DRAINJET roof drainage systems with standard hoods in nominal sizes DN50 to DN150 offer maximum performance for wider box gutters from 300mm widt

Main and emergency drainage

from internal and curtain gutters

The new LORO-X DRAINJET-Mini roof drainage system with pressure flow in DN 50 offers new options for main and emergency drainage from internal or "cornice" box channels with a width of 150mm or more.

When renovating roof areas, rising rainfalls often require a new and more powerful main drainage system and also a new and safe emergency drainage system.

Controlled emergency drainage from internal gutters is often difficult, as in heavy rain - unlike in the case of curtain gutters - the water cannot overflow into the open, but has to be led safely through the building into the open. The LORO-X DRAINJET-Mini emergency drainage with integrated damming element creates a controlled drainage of the rain of the century in the pipe system, as an alternative to uncontrolled "overflow" over the edge of the channel.

The same challenge increasingly exists with curtain gutters under which there is a balcony or roof terrace. The norm and the building owners do not want the emergency drainage to drain uncontrolled over the edge of the channel to the used area below.

Behind the facade

with pressure-resistant and backflow-proof pipe system

LORO-X DRAINJET-Mini complete systems in DN 50 are ideal for laying behind the facade or in the building with their small nominal size, high self-cleaning power due to increased flow speed and pressure-resistant and backflow-proof pipe system.


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