LORO-X Steel pipes

LORO-X steel discharge pipes and fittings

LORO−X steel discharge pipes DN 40−DN 300 in conformity with DIN EN 1123, hot-dip galvanised with added inside coating have been proving their worth for more than 45 years in drainage systems for buildings and land. Hot-dip galvanising and the added inside coating on all pipes and fittings provide optimum DUPLEX corrosion protection.

Easy to install: The most important feature is the LORO−X two-level sleeve with special sealing elements to insert the pipes without problems. The key material and installation benefits and the reliability of the LORO−X inserted sleeve connection manufactured 100 million times are the reasons why builder-owners, planners and contractors use LORO−X steel discharge pipes for draining residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, municipal buildings, industrial buildings and ship projects.

Pressure-resistant and sturdy: In connection with LORO−X locking sleeves, LORO−X steel discharge pipes are also used increasingly as pressure pipes for cooling water suction lines. LORO−X steel discharge pipes are impact-resistant, frost-proof, non-flammable and stable.

fittings: a wide range of fittings solves all installation needs. 

benefits of steel discharge pipes:
− impact-resistant and stable
− non-flammable
− not sensitive to heat or cold

benefits of the LORO−X inserted sleeve:
− sturdy sealing chamber
− bending-resistant
− fast installation