Series 84 DRAINLET with gravity flow

Model Series 84 DRAINLET gravity flow


Gravity flow

The LORO-X DRAINLET® main drainage and emergency drainage with gravity flow are characterized by space-saving dimensions without a "pot" in the roof surface and a high drainage through the powerful LORO-X hood with ventilation openings.

The functional part of the hood is decisive for the reliable functioning of the drainage system. In the hoods of LORO-X DRAINLET flat roof drains for gravity flow, the ventilation openings above the inlet openings ensure controlled ventilation at the drain.

Universal clamping flange

Flat roof drains with sealing as a clamping flange, consisting of a fixed and a loose flange, are enjoying increasing popularity among roofers and specialist dealers.

Since almost all vapor barriers and roof waterproofing membranes made of bitumen and plastic can be clamped in, storage at specialist retailers is considerably simplified compared to drains with a pre-assembled connection sleeve: only one drain needs to be stored for all waterproofing membranes!

The drain is installed in the base so that it is flush with the level to be drained. LORO-X DRAINLET and DRAINJET drains are characterized by minimal thermal bridges, as no large "drain pan" has to be inserted into the insulation.

Main drainage and emergency drainage

The emergency drain with integrated damming element is installed on the same level as the main drain, so that there is no need for complex structural measures to be "raised".

LORO-X DRAINLET flat roof drains are aerodynamically optimized with higher drainage capacity, improved flow properties, smaller installation dimensions and better sound behavior.

With a discharge of up to 10 l / s, they are among the processes with a high discharge rate. Together with LORO-DRAINLET® emergency drains, the use of which is prescribed according to DIN 1986-100 for drainage systems with gravity flow
is, the processes in connection with a diverse range of pipes and fittings form a complete roof drainage system that meets the highest demands.

For the renovation of conventional flat roof drains, LORO offers a special version as a renovation drain.


• high drainage performance
• easy mounting
• greater corrosion protection
• UV−resistant 
• small recesses
• lightweight 
• drainage option during the building phase
• LORO−DRAINLET® emergency drains are installed on the same level as the main drainage systems 
• DN 70−DN 125
• clamping flange, for bitumen and plastic sealing sheets