Products for Set-back storeys

LORO-X cascade drainage

With a stepped and staggered arrangement of precipitation areas

A stepped storey or even several cascading roof terraces are often provided on modern residential and commercial buildings.

With this stepped and staggered arrangement of precipitation areas, the drainage of each level must be routed via the respective floors below to the outlet at the bottom of the building.

Conventionally, the drainage of several levels takes place individually per level with separate pipe routing. This means that on each level there are 2 drains (main and emergency) with separate downpipes. With 3 floors there are already 6 downpipes.

With the LORO-X DUOSTREAM multi-level drains for cascade drainage, the number of downpipes is reduced to just 1 collecting line for the main drainage and 1 collecting line for the emergency drainage, which "collect" the water from each level, even with several levels.

LORO-X multi-storey drains

for main and emergency drainage

With the new LORO-X multi-storey drains - with the pipe-in-pipe principle patented for LORO - the water flows from each floor via gravity flow into the outer downpipe of the respective level. The water from the pipeline coming from above is guided over the level in the inner pipe of the pipe-in-pipe downpipe in a backflow-proof manner.


Pressing gravity flow

Slope-free installation with a pressure-resistant pipe system

The horizontal pipe can be laid without a slope, as the water is pressed over each level by means of a pressing gravity flow with overpressure due to the warpage.


A roof drainage system with a pressing gravity flow is defined according to the LORO-X works standard as a roof drainage system that has a gravity drain for a gravity flow but a pressure flow with overpressure in the pipe system (instead of negative pressure).

A static water pressure builds up in the completely ventilated downpipe, which pushes the water through the closed horizontal draft.

This creates a silent gravity flow, which is particularly important in roof drainage systems for residential construction or other buildings with increased noise protection requirements.

The pressing gravity flow is safely caused by LORO-X gravity drains and a pressure-resistant pipe system made of steel drainage pipe with push-in socket connections.

On the levels, the pipeline will be reduced from DN 100 to DN 50 so that low heights are possible between the roof waterproofing membrane and the terrace covering.

Pressing gravity flow also prevails in the rain standpipe with high-performance safety overflow (HSÜ).

Horizontal warpage

Above the roofing sheets

LORO-X DUOSTREAM multi-storey drains are available as a model for horizontal warping above the sealing membrane, in which the DN50 pipe is guided between the sealing membrane and the paving. Due to the small nominal size of DN50, the height of the structure can be reduced.

In thermal insulation

Alternatively, there is the model for horizontal warping in the thermal insulation, in which the DN50 pipe is guided through a special deflection through the sealing membrane in the thermal insulation. The pipe coming horizontally is then led directly through the basin of the multi-storey drain.

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