Series 88 LORO-X RAINSTAR-distant without upstand

Series 88: LORO-X RAINSTAR-Distant

without upstand for variable distance to the parapet

The LORO-X RAINSTAR-distant parapet drainage without upstand enables the installation of the drains with a variable distance to the parapet. Hence, it is possible to increase the roof pitch towards the parapet again and to move the lowest point further to the center of the roof. The horizontal pipe can, for example, be installed in the thermal insulation.

The sealing only takes place on one level with the LORO clamping flange. The silent-power siphonic flow in combination with the patented 2-stage acceleration of the water in the drain leads to a strong discharge rate of up to 21 l/s. Yet, consider that a large distance to the parapet can influence the discharge rate.


- variable distance to the parapet
- discharge rate of up to 21.7 l/s for an emergency drainage with siphonic flow at 75 mm
- high discharge rate due to patented lowered pipe
- only one horizontal sealing level
- patented emergency drainage weir below the cover