LORO-X Service

Calculation and dimensioning

When designing and  installing roof  drainage systems, the experience of roof  drainage technicians is often sought.

Together with our roof drainage  technology specialists, you can work  out detailed  solutions  for your actual projects.

Whenever you  need to design a parapet-, roof- or  balcony drainage system, we  shall happily provide you with personal support for your project.

Fast delivery

Thanks  to our  high  bay  warehouse for  small  articles  and  our large  storage areas   for  long  pipes,  practically all standard items are available in the short-term.

We  are  happy to agree the  optimum delivery date  with  our customers to the  customer's warehouse or direct to the construction  site.

When in  a  hurry: In many cases  thanks to our LORO-X express service we  can  guarantee next  day  delivery anywhere in Europe!

Special solutions

Steel,  stainless steel  and  aluminium are  ideal  materials for custom solutions! The roof drainage  technicians of LORO work closely   with   our   customers to  find  the  exact solution for practically any job.

Steel  is highly  flexible and  can  be  sawn,  bent  and  welded. Our  metalworkers can  produce many custom solutions in a very  short time  without needing to rely  on castings. 

Installation instructions on PDF and Video

Confident installation increases  safety on  the  building and guarantees long-term reliable operation of the  drainage system.

LORO offers installation instructions in PDF, print  or on video.