Questionnaire for "quick offer"

auf Basis von LX-Datenblättern für Standard-Dachentwässerungssysteme

For simple attic and roof drainage systems with only one drain on a downpipe, the adjacent questionnaire for "quick offers" is suitable. In the questionnaire, the most important characteristics for the roof area and the roof structure are asked. The offer takes the form of standard roof drainage systems with proof of performance as  LX-Data sheet.


Basically there is a main drainage and a Emergency drainage offered. Offers are made with LORO-X Steel Pipes unless otherwise agreed (e.g. LORO-X Composite Pipes).

The installation examples and measurements of the standard roof drainage systems correspond to the standards EN 12056-3 and DIN 1986-100.

Detailed and property-specific offers will only be made after personal consultation. All offers are made without guarantee and are to be checked for suitability by the offeror.