LORO-X Fire protection systems R90


In order to comply with the MBO, walls, ceilings and roofs have to be designed in such a way that the spreading of fire or fire extension to other buildings or fire compartments is prevented for a sufficiently long time.

When draining flat roofs, fire protection roof drains have to be installed with a distance of at least 5 m to rising walls or components. These drains have to correspond to the fire-resistance class of the roof and prevent the spreading of fire or smoke.

LORO-X Solution

LORO-X fire protection systems made of steel, galvanized and classified as building material class A1 according to DIN 4102, Part 1, ideally meet this requirement.

The LORO-X fire protection systems consisting of LORO-DRAINLET ® fire protection drains for gravity flow, LORO-DRAINJET ® fire protection drains for siphonic flow, LORO-X pipes and fittings as well as LORO-X fastenings are certified as R90 fire protection solutions.

In contrast to other pipe closure systems, LORO-X fire protection systems remain fully functional even in the event of fire and can thus ensure the discharge of extinguishing water.

LORO-X fire protection roof drainage systems are only certified as R90 fire protection solution as a complete system consisting of LORO-X fire protection drains, LORO-X pipes and fittings as well as LORO-X fire protection clamps. In the case of a mixed installation with products from other manufacturers, there is no fire protection certification or warranty beyond the non-combustible material.

Roof penetration:
LORO fire protection roof drainage systems for gravity and siphonic flow
AbP Nr. P-MPA-E-09-010

Wall and ceiling penetration (pipe sealing):
LORO-X composite pipes
AbP Nr. P-MPA-E-22-001

BIS HD 500/1501 Heavy duty clamp
Pb.-Nr. 3059/161/07-CM

Additional Information:
LORO-X fire protection systems News 86
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