LORO-X Product finder: LORO-X Steel discharge pipes

LORO-X Connectors with flange (DIN 2633, PN 10)

with socket flange82511.040X
50with socket flange82511.050X
70with socket flange82511.070X
100with socket flange82511.100X
125with socket flange82511.125X
150with socket flange82511.150X
200with socket flange82511.200X
40with flange and counterflange82561.040X
50with flange and counterflange82561.050X
70with flange and counterflange82561.070X
100with flange and counterflange82561.100X
125with flange and counterflange82561.125X
150with flange and counterflange82561.150X
200with flange and counterflange82561.200X