LORO-X Series 21 VERSAL Flat roof drainage with pot

The LORO-X flat roof drains of Series 21 are characterized by a base body with a large inlet opening and a pot with an air strainer.

Due to the large circumference of the inlet opening, the water flows in optimally from the roof surface into the pot by gravity flow, which ensures increased drainage even when the water level on the roof is low.

With the special air strainer in the pot, the VERSAL drain is used in a LORO-X DRAINJET siphonic drainage system with siphonic flow as a drain for siphonic flow.

Base body

Thanks to the base body with a universal clamping flange as a loose and fixed flange construction, sealing sheets made of bitumen or plastic can be sealed without any problems.

Strainer unit for inverted roofs

The high strainer unit made of stainless steel for inverted roofs consists of an extra high strainer basket with a strainer cover. The strainer cover can be removed for maintenance and cleaning purposes. It is usually installed at least flush with the roof structure (e.g. gravel layer).

Strainer unit for accesssible areas

The accessible strainer unit for the drainage of traffic areas, parking decks and similar drivable areas consists of the square strainer holder made of hot-dip galvanized steel with an additional coating which holds a square, asphalted cast strainer.

Delivery program

LORO-Versal® Siphonic drain basic unit
DN 70
a) without thermal insulation19543.070X
b) with thermal insulation19544.070X
c) with thermal insulation and heating19545.070X
LORO-Versal® Strainer unit for inverted roofs
DN 70
for installation height 210 mm19495.000X
for installation height 500 mm
quadratic 170 mm Kl. M (12,5 t)18616.000X
Strainer support
quadratic 182 mm, with support edge18613.125X
quadratic 182 mm, with seepage openings18614.125X
Strainer pipes made of stainless steel
110 mm lenght and short socket16597.100X
LOROX Sealing elements