Series 79 LORO-X RAINSTAR with lowered pipe


with lowered pipe and upstand for an easy installation in the parapet

LORO-X Rainstar® parapet drainage system with prefabricated parapet upstand as installation aid, with clamping flange or bonding flange depending on the usage of bituminous or plastic sealing sheets.

The upstand as installation aid in the parapet offers additional support and shortens the installation time. The sealing only takes place on the horizontal level which means a sealing in the upstand is not necessary.

Due to the patented lowered pipe the LORO-X rainstar systems guarantee high discharge rates of 3.7 l/s at a water height of 35 mm on the roof. This also works for gravity flow with a completely ventilated DN 100 downpipe. 

The requirements of the roof drainage standard for inside roof drainage are met by the system with 5.5 l/s at 35 mm with a closed downpipe and silent-power flow.

The LORO-X RAINSTAR® systems are also available as Series 89 with a small penetration of only 55 mm!


- high discharge rate due to patented lowered pipe (Series 79)
- only one horizontal sealing level
- upstand as installation aid in the parapet
- up to 21.7 l/s as emergency drainage with siphonic flow at 75 mm