Standard-compliant refurbishment with emergency drainage

Roof  drainage renovation is often carried out  with  roof refurbishment and  insulation in one  operation.

In refurbishment it is nearly  always essential to comply with  the latest  standards for  roof  drainage. 

This means above all that calculating the drainage must correspond to the current (usually higher) rainfalls. The new  systems then  often need to be designed for  higher performance.

And  an additional drainage system, emergency drainage to the open,  must also  be retrofitted if it is not  in place already!

There are two  basic  choices therefore in refurbishment:

1. With new parapet drainage

The "old"  drain  is decommissioned or dismantled and replaced with  a new  high-performance system.

If the fall on the roof  is not  already directed towards the parapet new  sloped insulation is often installed.

Any  additional costs due  to the sloped insulation are quickly compensated because parapet drainage can  be installed without pipes inside  the buildings and  operated with  substantially less  effort.


2. With renovation drain

If the existing pipework is still to be used LORO offers special refurbishment drains.

The LORO-X  renovation drain  has an extra-long connecting pipe  with  a specially developed sealing lip.

Depending on the width of the existing pipe, a smaller renovation drain  width is used.