LORO-X Renovation drains

for inserting through existing flat roof drains

During renovation work on the flat roof, existing flat roof gullies can often only be replaced with great effort due to their integration into the roof structure.


LORO's solution

When using the LORO-X DRAINLET flat roof renovation drains with an extra long drain pipe and heavy-duty stainless steel hood, the complex integration of a new roof drain into an existing roof structure is no longer necessary as they are simply pushed through the already installed roof drain into the drain pipe.

The external, specially developed transition lip seal of the renovation drain creates a backflow-proof connection with the installed drainage pipe. This connection offers a high level of security, e.g. compared to conventional rolling ring connections.

with bonding or clamping flange

For the connection to the new sealing sheet either a bonding flange, e.g. for liquid plastic, or a universal clamping flange for sealing sheets made of bitumen or plastic is used.

Nominal sizes

LORO-X renovation drains are break-proof and UV-resistant made of solid, hot-dip galvanized steel and stainless steel. The common nominal diameters DN 80, 100 and 125 are currently available. Depending on the nominal diameter of the installed pipe, the size of the renovation drain can be choosen one nominal diameter smaller (see table).


- easy installation
- durable and solid
- safe special lip seal
- heavy-duty stainless steel hood

Renovation drains

LORO-flat roof renovation drain with bonding flange
for liquid plastic DN 80
with transition sealing element diameter 98 - 106 mm
DN 80
made of galvanized steel15518.080X
LORO flat roof renovation drain with clamping flange
made of galvanized steel, with transition sealing element
DN 80DN 100DN 125
for inside diameter98-106 mm118-130 mm145-155 mm