LORO-X Series 49 DRAINJET Main-Emergency-Combination

The LORO-X main-emergency combination roof drainage with main drainage and emergency drainage in one system is based on LORO's proven pipe-in-pipe principle.

The emergency drainage is transported via an internal pipe through the same roof opening as the main drainage.

The LORO-X main emergency combination drains have a hood specially designed for 2 flow paths with 2 inlet openings one above the other. The lower row of slots for the main drainage. The upper row of slots at the level of the weir for emergency drainage.

You will find further application examples with a detailed description in our Aktuell 151 for LORO-X flat roof drainage main-emergency combi vertical (News 151.pdf).

Areas of application

Flat roof drainage with separate internal outlet pipes, column drainage, roof overhangs.

DN 100/50 with separate outlet pipes

LORO-X Main-Emergency-Combi roof drain system
with clamping flange, DN 100/50
drain performance according to specification sheet LX 842
Main drainage: 13,5l /s (55 mm water height) Emergency drainage: 7,5 l/s (75 mm water height)

DN 100/DN 50

DN 100/50

LORO-X Series 49 Main- emergency- combination roof drain vertical, DN 100/50
DN 100/50
without thermal insulation21529.100X

LORO-X Series 49 Main-emergency-combination vertical main and emergency in one system.

with clamping flange, made of stainless steel, DN 70/40, according to DIN EN 1253, for LORO-X pillar drainage, LORO-QUATTROFLUX set-back story with roof overhang

DN 70/40

LORO-X Series 49 Main-emergency-combination roof drain vertical, DN 70/40
DN 70/40
without thermal insulation21539.070X