LORO-Downpipe for balcony drainage with Abzweig 87°
with long-socket at downpipe and branch (for tolerance compensation) for completion with LORO-single drains
DN 70/50DN 70/70DN 100/50
Length of downpipe 3000 mm15039.CB0X15039.CC0X15039.DB0X
Length of downpipe 300 mm15019.CB0X15019.DB0X
DN 40
DN 40, 250 mm long15099.040X
LORO-Extension pipes
DN 70
DN 70, 110 mm long15587.070X
LORO-Strainer pipes
DN 70
DN 70, 110 mm long15597.070X
LORO-Balcony drain collar
DN 50DN 70
compatible to pipes, made ofstainless steel, Wmaterial-no. 1.4301, thickness 1 mm16800.050X16800.070X
compatible to sockets, made ofstainless steel, Wmaterial-no. 1.4301, hickness 1 mm16801.050X16801.070X
LORO-Strainer support, DN 50, for straight drain application
DN 50
for strainer 16191X bzw. 16193X15084.050X
Conversion kit for Emergency drainage, series E + F
DN 70
LORO-X Backflow protection for balcony drains DN 70
DN 070DN 100
Heating tape cable for LORO drains