LORO-balcony drain base units, series E and F
consisting of: drain body, connecting sleeve and clamping ring
DN 50DN 70
Vertical runoffa) without thermal insulation15200.050X15200.070X
b) with thermal insulation15300.050X15300.070X
Horizontal runoff 3°
a) without thermal isulation15400.050X15400.070X
b) with thermal insulation15500.050X15500.070X
LORO-balcony drain Extension unit Series E and F
for installation heights of 40-120 mm consisting of: drain body, connecting sleeve, clamping ring and sealing element15204.000X
LORO-balcony drain Base units made of copper, series E and F DN 70,
consisiting of: drainbody, connecting sleeve and clamping ring
without thermal insulation15200.070N
LORO-balcony drain Extension unit made os copper, series E and F, Extension element
consisting of: drain pot, connection sleeve and clamping ring
for installation heights from 40-120 mm15204.000N
LORO-balcony drain Strainer unit, series E
without level adjustment
consisting of: drainage ring and strainer
LORO-balcony drain Strainer unit, Serie F
or installation heights from 35 -140 mm
consisting of: draimage ring, strainer support and strainer, quadratic 94 mm