LORO-X Dachentwsserungssysteme


LORO-X balcony drainage outline

You can find the matching LORO−X balcony drain series in our handy LORO−X table. You can use the basic structure and covering to make a quick and easy selection from the application to the product.

LORO-X Produktfinder: Balcony drainage

A-B with supporting edge
BE with supporting edge
G with supporting edge
E-F with connecting sleeves
H for balcony floors
K VERSAL with clamping flange
IK with dome and clamping collar
I with dome
FF with VS-connection sleeves
HF with VS-connection sleeves
GF with supporting edge
J with supporting edge, DBP
GS without clamping ring
V base with attachment elements
parapet-balcony drain with clamping flange
Example of application

Our versatile drainage programme with solutions for a wide variety of drainage problems on balconies and terraces. Single drains or direct drains DN 50−DN 100 made of steel, hot-dip galvanised, also coated or made of copper with a connecting sleeve or clamping flange (fixed and loose flange) or with a connection for liquid plastic covering, with or without thermal insulation. Also available as all-welded construction with floor-high descending rope for connecting from one balcony to another.


Areas of application:

Balconies in residential buildings, hotels and terraced houses